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Verdicts & Settlements


$4.050M Settlement

49 year old pick-up truck driver hit by semi-truck on Hwy 85 between Watford City and Williston.  Hip and head injuries.


$1.25M Settlement

27 y/o roustabout 2nd degree burn to torso and 3rd degree burn to non-dominate thumb


$1.378M combined Verdict and Settlement

Damage to agricultural land caused by a production water spill


$3M Settlement

Pumper injured in oil field explosion 3rd degree burns to torso


$281,000 Settlement

Chemical burn to scalp caused by hair stylist


$1M Settlement

35 y/o roustabout in Bakken oilfield sustained 2nd Degree burns to torso


$850,000 Settlement

22 y/o female injured in a car accident


$1.25M Settlement

Policy Limits Liability and UIM recovery in a wrongful death claim


$500,000 Settlement

Policy limits recovery for broken leg in auto accident


$2.5M Settlement

Wrongful death recovery for family of truck pusher killed during a frac job


$180,000 Verdict and Judgment

Trip in fall in retail store.  Plaintiff originally sued retail giant in small claims court for $13,000 (cost to repair fractured teeth).  Retail giant removed case to district court.


$1.25M Settlement

Truck driver recovery for 2nd degree burns and PTSD following flash fire on open top tanks