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Oil Field Accidents

Hometown Bakken Oil Field Injury Attorney

At Schweigert, Klemin & McBride, P.C., of Bismarck, we understand the safety issues in a boom environment. Dave Schweigert himself grew up in the Williston Basin area and knows the people and the terrain. Our firm represents workers and others who have been harmed or killed in the oil fields or on the highways leading in and leading out.

In particular, we have handled oil field accident cases relating to:

Our firm has litigated hundreds of oil field accident cases in the Bakken and Three Forks Formations. We speak the language and know the terminology. More importantly, we know the people and that the injuries can be devastating. In the Bakken, most don’t miss a day’s work with a stiff neck or minor pain. It takes a serious, even catastrophic, injury to prevent you from working.

The injuries we handle go beyond workers’ compensation. Yes, workers’ compensation may be available, but companies and individuals other than employers or co-workers may be at fault for your injuries. A network of separate owners, operators and contractors work the oil fields, and many accidents involve workers of one company being hurt by the negligence of workers of another company.

Catastrophic Oil Field Accidents And Wrongful Deaths

Whether you have been hurt on the oil fields in North Dakota or Montana or lost someone you love there, we invite you to call and discuss this kind of third-party lawsuit to compensate for your losses.

We take injury cases on a contingency fee basis if clients so choose. So there is no risk in calling our lawyers.

For experienced counsel, contact the Bismarck, North Dakota, office of Schweigert, Klemin & McBride, P.C., at 701-864-3763 or schedule a consultation online.